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Increasing Prostate Cancer Awareness in the Classic Car Community.

Prostate cancer affects 1 in 9 men in their lifetime. A new case is diagnosed every 3 minutes, and every 17 minutes a man loses his life to the disease. These are our fathers, friends and many fellow car enthusiasts.

Men are quick to talk about their cars, but how about our health? Your car club or business can start this important conversation. Join “Tag, You’re It!” and help us share PCF's mission in your community. Learn more and sign up below.

Most men know every detail of their car, what engine, how much horsepower... but they don't know the basic info about what is going on inside their own bodies.

-Russ Sheltra, Owner of Bonanza Casino & a sweet '57 Chevy

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Join us as we work to grow prostate cancer awareness in our local communities. Your car club, business, or service club could play an essential role in starting a meaningful conversation about prostate cancer, and ultimately saving lives.

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By the time you read this page, another man will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. It happens every 3 minutes. There’s no better time than now to take action in the fight against prostate cancer.

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VA Partnership

VA Partnership

PCF & The VA: Shepherding Extraordinary Care Every year, another 15,000 Veterans are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are partnering to prevent, screen and promote ...

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Want to support prostate cancer research in your community or at your office? Want to hold a fundraising and awareness event? September, National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, is the perfect time to bring PCF’s mission to ...

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PCF publishes a series of helpful guides as part of our commitment to connect men and their loved ones to the latest prostate cancer research information. You can order or download these guides here.

PCF is Saving Lives

Since PCF started in 1993, the death rate from prostate cancer has dropped 52%. Find out more about the amazing progress we've made and what’s on the horizon for patients. Read the full impact report here