Aaron LeBeau

About Aaron LeBeau

Prostate tumor cells upregulate and secrete an enzyme named Urokinase Plasminogen Activator (uPA) that specifically degrades other proteins.
Dr. LeBeau proposes a novel therapy for prostate cancer based on a monoclonal antibody to uPA conjugated to a high-energy radioactive molecule.
The cellular and biological properties of this new therapy on prostate tumors and surrounding tissues will be investigated.
What this means for patients: Dr. LeBeau is developing potent targeted antibodies that specifically kill prostate cancer cells and their accompanying tumor microenvironment. This work could lead to a new treatment for advanced, metastatic prostate cancer.


2013 Steve Wynn-PCF Young Investigator

Aaron LeBeau, PhD

University of Minnesota


Henry VanBrocklin, PhD and Phillip Febbo, MD

Project Title:

Targeting active urokinase plasminogen activator for therapy using an internalizing human antibody