Adam Dicker, MD, PhD & Karen Knudsen, PhD

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Self-Seeding and Radiation Therapy: A New Strategy Against Metastatic Prostate Cancer—Preventing Circulating Prostate Cancer Cells from “Re-Seeding” in the Prostate May Change the Behavior of Metastatic Cells
The mechanism by which prostate cancer metastasizes is not fully understood. The decades-old theory is that prostate cancer cells (the seed) leave the prostate, enter circulation, and invade an environment conducive to growth (the soil) such as lymph nodes and bone. Dr. Dicker proposes to test a new theory of metastasis called self seeding where circulating tumor cells leave distant sites and return to their most desired environment, the prostate, where they are “re-energized” and sent back to circulation to further disseminate. This project will test the possibility that radiation therapy to an intraprostatic tumor in mice will interrupt the metastatic behavior of a distant metastasis by destroying the conditioning provided by the prostate. If successful, this concept can be rapidly translated to the clinic as an anti-metastasis therapeutic strategy.

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