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Combining PD-1 Mediated Checkpoint Blockade with Active Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer: A Neoadjuvant Trial
The immune system is capable of identifying cancer cells as foreign and causing their destruction. This decades-old theory is called immune surveillance. However, in many patients, including men with prostate cancer, the immune system becomes fatigued and can no longer prevent cancer progression. PD-1 is a cell surface protein that is expressed on exhausted immune cells and impairs an anti-tumor immune response. Dr. Drake has designed a comprehensive study to assess the clinical value of combining immunotherapy (a cancer vaccine) with an inhibitor of PD-1 to enhance a patient’s immune response against advanced prostate cancer. Blockade of PD-1 releases the brakes on the immune response, revitalizing the body’s ability to kill cancer cells. Anti-PD1 is in first-in-man clinical testing. This project could enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy treatments in men with advanced prostate cancer.


The Evensen Family - PCF Creativity Award


Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Maryland