Prasanna Sooriakumaran

About Prasanna Sooriakumaran
  • As life expectancy rises, greater numbers of older men with skeletal metastases from prostate cancer suffer higher treatment burdens. The current standard-of-care, androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), causes morbidity and might pose significant damage to bone and mental health. Better definition of burden-of-treatment from ADT will enable appropriate multi-disciplinary management and directly improve quality of care.
  • Dr. Prasanna Sooriakumaran is exploring an approach to the management of advanced, metastatic prostate cancer without compromising quality-of-life.
  • Dr. Sooriakumaran will launch a three-year observational study of 200 men with mCRPC to assess a model considering severity of bone lesions, age, anxiety and depression symptoms, co-morbidities, and treatment choices. Testing this model may lead to a predictive tool to guide clinicians in selecting personalized treatment.

What this means for patients: A model predicting quality-of-life for men with advanced metastatic prostate cancer will enable doctors to prescribe treatments on a personalized basis.


2015 Howard Shore–PCF Young Investigator

Prasanna Sooriakumaran, MBBS, PhD

University of Oxford


Freddie C. Hamdy, MD

Proposal Title:

Improving Quality of Care for Men with Skeletal Metastases from Prostate Cancer: Defining the Burden-of-Treatment and its Management, and Developing Models to Predict Quality-of-Life