Scientific Retreat – 2012

About Scientific Retreat – 2012

The 2012 State of the Science Report is Now Available

The Prostate Cancer Foundation hosts an annual Scientific Retreat that brings together the brightest minds in prostate cancer research in an effort to break down the traditional barriers that impede progress toward better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer.

For the nineteenth consecutive year, PCF brought together the world’s top prostate cancer physicians and scientists in a collaborative forum to share new data and concepts. The 19th Annual PCF Scientific Retreat was the best meeting ever organized by PCF as measured by the novelty of findings, breadth of attendees, the quality and topics of the presentations, and attendee and Board member feedback. We hope this report will be useful to you and will stimulate further dialogue, data exchange, and questioning.

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“The Prostate Cancer Foundation has done more than any other organization to reduce deaths from prostate cancer. By funding the best and the brightest scientists, the PCF has helped launch new approaches to advanced disease and attracted vigorous investigators to spend their life pursuing them. History will show that the field of investigation in prostate cancer bloomed when the PCF began.”

-Patrick C. Walsh, MD
Johns Hopkins University

The Prostate Cancer Foundation was founded in 1993 and since then has become a major force in the field, accelerating the world’s most promising basic, translational and clinical research with significant patient benefit. A few examples of progress attributable to PCF activities in the past 19 years are highlighted below.

Prostate Cancer Foundation and 19 Years of Progress

1993 Today
Federal Funding $27 million $550 million
Dedicated Research Labs 3 > 200
SPORE Grants 2 11 (at program peak)
New clinical trials/ year 2 > 60
Tissue banks for research None Multiple tissue banks with 20,000-plus samples
Research career positions/ year ~4 > 100
Published research on nutrition None 850 nutrition papers published
Funding for nutritional research None $20 million
Nations with dedicated prostate cancer research centers 3 18
Published research articles/ year on prostate cancer 1,646 8377

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is focused on funding research to improve treatments for patients with advanced prostate cancer. The Annual Scientific Retreat is one component of that strategy to end prostate cancer as a health risk for all men and their families. For the past eighteen years, PCF has hosted an annual, invitation-only Scientific Retreat that brings together the brightest minds in prostate cancer basic, translational and clinical research, in addition to physicists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists and leaders from diverse industries and the government. The goal of the conference is to break down the traditional barriers that impede progress toward better treatments and a cure for advanced, metastatic prostate cancer.

Each PCF Annual Scientific Retreat highlights cutting-edge research as well as current challenges facing the prostate cancer research and patient communities through formal lectures, panel discussions, workshops, discussions, and poster presentations. PCF assembles an outstanding roster of speakers in a comprehensive scientific program that showcases the state-of-the-art, novel approaches and technologies being used in the laboratory, innovative preclinical science, clinical trial results, and more.

Attending the (PCF) Scientific Retreat is a little like drinking from a fire hose. The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough information, but it clearly tests the capacity of any one person to drink it all in. It’s the place where you learn about what’s coming down the pike. It’s like putting your ear to the rail before you actually hear the train coming- it’s where you first hear rumblings about what will be in the public domain two or three years later.”

-Joel Nelson, MD
University of Pittsburgh

This premier scientific meeting attracts more than 350 attendees from academia, industry and government organizations, covering the breadth of cancer science from basic through translational, clinical and epidemiological research. Attendance and active participation in the meeting stimulate further dialogue, data exchange, and questioning, catalyzing the current state of cancer research. Our goal has always been to motivate and energize people such that together we can accelerate progress towards a solution for prostate cancer.

We promise a similar exhilarating experience this year at the 19th Annual PCF Scientific Retreat, during October 25-27, 2012 at Carlsbad, CA, presenting cutting-edge advances from diverse and stimulating fields including field cancerization, cancer interception, prostate cancer molecular imaging, epithelial plasticity in prostate cancer, prostate cancer immunotherapy, tumor heterogeneity, and many others.

The overarching goal of research that will be discussed at the 19th Annual PCF Scientific Retreat is to accelerate the end of death and suffering for men with prostate cancer. With a prime focus on scientific presentations, knowledge exchange and collaborative discussions, the 19th Annual Scientific Retreat will feature the following:

  • 54 scientific presentations and panels; one workshop and 91 poster presentations that will discuss 18 different scientific disciplines related to prostate cancer biology.
  • 27 speakers (49%) will be first-time attendees at a PCF Scientific Retreat; presenting first-in-field data.
  • 433 participants from 13 countries will be in attendance.
  • 107 academic institutions, 41 biopharmaceutical companies and 10 medical research foundations will be represented at this premier conference.
  • The advanced degree distribution includes: MD-149, PhD-172, PharmD- 2, MD PhD- 86, MS-9 and DMD- 1.

The pace of discovery and its bench-to-bedside translation to cancer patients continue to advance rapidly, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation looks forward to participating as a leader in this progress in the coming years, as it has been in the past nineteen.