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Evaluation of PSMA-based PET as Functional Imaging Biomarker of Primary Prostate Cancer

A major unmet medical need in prostate cancer diagnosis and therapy is the ability to image small metastatic tumors. This proposal will develop a functional imaging biomarker specific to prostate cancer. This PET (positron emission tomography-a nuclear imaging technique) imaging tracer, already shown specific for prostate cancer by imaging studies in patients, will be tested for detection of bone and nodal metastases at time of original prostate cancer diagnosis. This imaging system has the potential to more specifically stage prostate cancer patients prior to initial therapy and determine those who might benefit from early aggressive therapy. Dr. Cho transitioned a 2007 PCF Young Investigator Award into this PCF grant.

Potential patient benefit: The ability to detect early metastatic prostate cancer and to identify patients who will benefit from early aggressive treatment may prolong survival in an important subset of individuals.


The Movember-PCF Creativity Award


Assistant Professor of Radiology


The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine