Towia Libermann, PhD & Alan Rigby, PhD

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Development and Validation of Selective Small Molecule Ets Factor Inhibitors for Prostate Cancer—Understanding Gene Activity that Likely Causes Up to 60 Percent of Prostate Cancer Cases Can Open Door to New Drug Development—Another Approach
The genetic alteration present in 40-60% of prostate cancer cases gives rise to expression of Ets factors that drive the initiation and progression of prostate cancer. Identification of the Ets factor binding sites on DNA is the first step in selecting candidate inhibitors of the highly carcinogenic event. In contrast to Dr. Barbara Graves’ Creativity Award, where advanced molecular biology biotechnologies will be used to identify these sites, Drs. Libermann and Rigby will use state-of-the-art computer-aided drug design methods and biocomputational models to model the structure of these sites. In fact, this work has already identified a series of candidate lead compounds that block Ets binding to DNA. If successful, this work could generate drug candidates to block prostate cancer progression.

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