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About Survivors
Sherry Galloway
Sherry Galloway’s husband and son both were both diagnosed with prostate cancer. After her son lost his battle, Sherry Galloway became an advocate for prostate cancer research.
Dana Jennings
Dana Jennings, an editor for The New York Times, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008, and decided to share his story with his readers.
Emerson Knowles
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Emerson Knowles decided to change his own lifestyle by dedicating himself to healthy eating and regular exercise. Seven marathons later, his radical prostatectomy has clearly not slowed him down at all.
Kara Deschenes
Although a man’s disease, the effects of prostate cancer can affect the women in their lives. Kara Deschenes shares the story of her husband’s diagnosis and their experiences overcoming the disease.
Ali Torre
When World Series-winning manager Joe Torre was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1999, his wife Ali set out to learn all she could about fighting—and beating—the disease together.
Charlie Wilson
If you go see this R&B legend in concert, you can expect to hear hits from his days with The Gap Band—along with an important message about preserving your health.
Lance Wain
When Lance Wain’s father was diagnosed with prostate cancer 17 years ago, the future was frightening and uncertain. Thanks to research, three generations of Wains are still together today.