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Fish on a plate

Less Meat, Less Prostate Cancer?

People often have questions about whether specific foods—such as meat—might increase their risk of prostate cancer or other diseases. A new study of more than 200,000 men in the U.K. found that men who were vegetarian, and men who ate fish (but no meat), were less likely to be diagnosed. Read More

Black History Month

Focus on Disparities Research in Prostate Cancer

During Black History Month, we honor and celebrate the contributions of Black people in art, science, politics, and many other areas. As the theme of Black History Month this year is Black Health & Wellness, it is an opportunity to raise awareness of efforts to combat systemic racism and reduce. Read More

Run or Walk

Should You Run or Walk?

This month’s challenge is all about lacing up your sneakers and hitting the pavement, trail, or treadmill. It all counts: walking, hiking, trail-running, racewalking, even pool running. Is it better to run or walk? The decision is personal. Let’s consider a few factors that might help you choose. Which is. Read More


More Whole Foods, Less Salt

We’ll say it upfront: This month’s recipe for Roasted Vegetables and Tofu with Savory Sauce has (potentially) a lot of salt. If you’re watching your salt intake, enjoy a light drizzle of sauce on your veggies by using a clean fork, rather than a spoon, to serve, so it’s easier. Read More

How Much Should You Eat

How Much Should You Eat?

As the New Year begins, many people look at their lifestyle habits and think about ways to feel healthier in the coming months. Two key pieces of eating well are 1) the best foods and 2) the optimal amount of food. #1 has some variation among individuals, but research has. Read More

Man doing yoga

From the Prostate Cancer Research Desk

What’s new in prostate cancer research? Highlights from this edition: The potential benefits of yoga Representation by race/ethnicity in clinical trials The phenomenon of treatment regret Yoga Improves Quality of Life in Men Newly Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Nearly one-third of men diagnosed with prostate cancer experience anxiety and distress. Read More

Hispanic Men

Prostate Cancer in U.S. Hispanic Men

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. Below, Dr. Scarlett Gomez, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco, and an expert on cancer disparities, describes how prostate cancer is affecting Hispanic/Latino men. Key Takeaways: Prostate cancer remains a significant burden for. Read More

How to Tell Your Kids About Your Cancer Diagnosis

How to Tell Your Kids About Your Cancer Diagnosis

Prioritize telling your children Many people face understandable reluctance when deciding whether they should tell their children about their cancer diagnosis. Are they too young? Is it too much for them to handle? Is it too much for me to handle? These concerns are reasonable, but you must set them. Read More