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Crystal Ball for Predicting Cancer Treatment Response: Your Poop?

What does the population of bacteria in your gut (called the gut “microbiome”) have to do with prostate cancer? Just how important is this gut flora, or bacteria, anyway? It’s not even in the prostate! Let’s look at the second question first. How important is your gut bacteria? It’s very. Read More


Precision medicine taken to the next level: figuring out why tumors have become drug-resistant

Precision medicine is an emerging strategy for treating cancer, in which the unique mutations that occur in an individual’s tumor are used to select therapies that the tumor will likely be susceptible to.  For a new treatment called PARP-inhibitors, this strategy of identifying patients who will benefit has been highly. Read More


Will Your Cancer Respond to Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is a standard treatment for metastatic prostate cancer patients but may also benefit a subset of localized prostate cancer patients who underwent surgery but have particularly aggressive disease. However, it is not clear how to identify which localized disease patients should receive hormone therapy, and the historical protocol. Read More