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When Prostate Cancer Is Not the Only Challenge

Prostate cancer is not a cookie-cutter disease; it’s different in every man because of distinct genetic, immune, and environmental factors.   But it’s even more complicated than we knew, and the solution requires precision medicine.  In prostate cancer, there is no “one size fits all” treatment, and the reason is that. Read More


Nurse with a Mission: Grace Cullen, DNP

Meet Grace Cullen, DNP, a nurse practitioner at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit.  Her specialty is oncology and palliative care, and her patients are Veterans with advanced prostate cancer. Cullen is part of the VA’s New Data Nurse of the Future program, a joint VA-PCF research. Read More


Research Update from AACR 2022, Part 2

Research Update from AACR 2022, Part 2 The American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2022 was held in New Orleans in April. Dr. Andrea Miyahira, PCF’s Director of Global Research and Scientific Communications, has identified key updates that were presented at the meeting. In Part 2, we highlight two. Read More


The PROMISE of Studying Inherited Genes

If you have prostate cancer, does it really matter whether cancers run in your family?  Cancer is cancer, right?  Not necessarily.  Knowing your inherited genes could make a big difference in your treatment. Take, for example, “Jim,” a patient of Johns Hopkins medical oncologist, Channing Paller, M.D.  “He was devastated. Read More


Are You at Higher Genetic Risk of Prostate Cancer? 

Are you worried about getting prostate cancer because of your family history?  That’s a pretty good reason to be concerned: not to panic, but to be watchful – so if prostate cancer does develop, you can catch it early, while it is most curable. Your family history is important because. Read More


At Last, Clarity! 

John Strizver thought he was finished with prostate cancer 23 years ago, after a radical prostatectomy in 1998.  And, for many years, he was:  He and his wife, Janice, who live in California, got a motor home and took their two young sons all around California and across the country. Read More


“Dark DNA” and Your Specific Risk of Prostate Cancer

What is the “dark DNA,” and why does it sound so mysterious?  Is it dark like “The Maltese Falcon,” or “The Big Sleep,” or any other Humphrey Bogart film noir you can think of?  Is it sinister, like the dark Web, that creepy part of the internet where illegal drugs. Read More


Who Gives a Spit? Should You?

What’ll you have?  Eggs?  Fried, over easy, scrambled, boiled or poached?  Potatoes?  Hash browns or steak fries?  Coffee?  Regular or decaf?  Do you want cream, half-and-half, 2 percent, skim milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk? And that’s just breakfast!  Every day, most of us are bombarded with choices. . Read More


Why Genes Matter

We're in the midst of a revolution in how prostate cancer is treated — and it's being led by new knowledge about the genes behind the disease. Read More