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Why Genes Matter

We're in the midst of a revolution in how prostate cancer is treated — and it's being led by new knowledge about the genes behind the disease. Read More


Progress Report: Tarek Bismar, MD

Investigator: Tarek Bismar, MD – Associate Professor, University of Calgary Combined role of TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusion and PTEN genomic deletions in prostate cancer progression The two most common genomic aberrations in prostate cancer are the ERG gene rearrangements and PTEN deletion. TMPRSS2-ERG represents the most common form of ERG rearrangements.. Read More


Progress Report: Barbara Graves, Ph.D; Peter Hollenhorst, Ph.D

Co-Investigator: Barbara Graves, PhD –Professor and Chair, Oncological Sciences, Senior Director for Lab Research, Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah Co-Investigator: Peter Hollenhorst, PhD –Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine, Indiana University ETS Protein Targets in Prostate Cancer—Understanding Gene Activity that Likely Causes Up to 60 Percent. Read More