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“Get checked under the hood. Be a responsible grown-up.”

So, you’re 42.  You’re into health and fitness, and fairly attuned to your body:  you know something’s not right with your urinary tract, and you go to the doctor to get it checked out. Prostate cancer’s not on your radar.  Why should it be?  You’re young, you’re healthy, you have. Read More


Healing and Grace

In many ways, Russell Clayton’s story sounds like an ideal scenario from a prostate cancer playbook:  In September 2015, Clayton, a doctor himself – he is an Ob/Gyn in Los Angeles – went for his yearly checkup.  He requested a PSA blood test.  “My physician wasn’t going to order the. Read More


Survivor’s Son: “No reaction is as strong and fierce as when it’s your own family member”

Prostate Cancer Family Member Checklist: Reach Out Learn More Get Involved Ask Ian McLeod how his dad is doing, and he’s happy to tell you:  “He’s doing phenomenal.  He had a wonderful surgeon, his surgery went without any complications, he healed up nicely and he was out of the hospital. Read More


Treating the Gene

In a matter of weeks, Mark Meerschaert went from being an athlete to someone who could barely walk; metastatic prostate cancer had come from nowhere and spread like wildfire throughout his body. A highly respected mathematics professor and researcher – the kind who fills up the blackboard in his classroom. Read More


Survivor’s Spirit

How to Get Through Really Awful Things, Be a Smart Partner in Your Own Care, and Even Keep Your Sense of Humor Here’s what you might not have in common with Paul Calobrisi: His cancer didn’t start in the prostate. It started in the bladder and included the prostate. Here’s. Read More


“If This Is Going to Be Aggressive, I’m Going to Be Aggressive, Too.”

Malcolm Carmine, age 52, has metastatic prostate cancer.   But prostate cancer doesn’t have him. The difference between those two statements is as big as the gap between being alive and living – and Malcolm Carmine is living.   His journey with prostate cancer began three years ago, when he. Read More


My Prostate Cancer Story: Denny Terry

When Denny Terry first came under the care of medical oncologist Oliver Sartor, MD, 17 years ago, he knew immediately this was a physician and a scientist with a quest to keep him and others like him alive. “He’s brilliant and he cares,” says Denny, a mechanical engineer and small business. Read More


My Prostate Cancer Story: Craig Gillmore

Craig Gilmore was legendary personality at his company. A software developer with a quiet and unassuming nature, he was a beloved center of social life, often organizing events and coordinating outings. He was also known for something unusual, and to many, impossible: he lived his life completely car free. Craig. Read More


My Prostate Cancer Story: Robert Cunningham

How far would you go to protect yourself and your family? What if it was a matter of life and death? And what if the answer was a simple exam? Like many, Robert Cunningham of Richmond, Virginia would do just about anything for his family. When he lost his grandfather. Read More


My Prostate Cancer Story: Brian Custer

“Do you want to live or do you want to die?” That’s a question Brian Custer asks men, especially African-American men, when they aren’t sure whether to get checked for prostate cancer. Read More