Prostate Cancer and African Ancestry

Men of African descent are more likely to develop prostate cancer, and African American men are more than twice as likely caucasian men to die from it. Although lifestyle habits contribute to this greater likelihood, it is chiefly the result of certain genes that men of African descent possess. Learn.


Biopsy: What the Diagnosis Means

The pathologist has just looked under the microscope at 12 tissue samples from your prostate. What’s in there? First, there are normal cells. Pathologists can tell that they’re normal, because they are round and uniform, with well-defined edges As cancer progresses, the cells he cancer gets more aggressive,clumps of algae.


Prostate Cancer Screening and You

Nobody wants to think about cancer, especially prostate cancer. Nobody wants to get screened, and especially, nobody wants to even think about getting a rectal exam to check for prostate cancer. We get that.


The Precision Medicine Revolution

Welcome to the world of precision medicine—where doctors can target each prostate cancer with new, more effective drugs. And this is just the beginning.


PSA & DRE Screening

Prostate cancer can be treated most effectively when it is detected early. Learn about the two most common types of screening: the PSA blood test and the digital rectal exam (DRE).