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There is no person who has made more of an impact on prostate cancer and the lives of prostate cancer patients than Michael Milken, founder and Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The US death rate from prostate cancer has been reduced by more than 50% since the time he founded PCF to now, when he continues to be our Philanthropist and Visionary in Chief. Mike is truly the ultimate caregiver, supporter and advocate of all who have been affected by this disease. For 25 years, he has relentlessly strived to save lives through advancing research that leads to cures. Through the work and treatments that he has championed, literally millions of lives have been saved. Moreover, he has also been a friend and guide to so many men and their families when they received the news that they had prostate cancer. He has personally spoken to hundreds of men who have sought him out for help in their time of need. He has “spoken” to thousands more through the Prostate Cancer Foundation website which offers the best resources available to patients. We thank Michael Milken for all his care and look forward to a day when prostate cancer is eliminated as a cause of death and suffering.

— Jonathan Simons

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