Stress and Cancer

The physiology of your body has a lot to do with cancer As Suzanne Conzen, MD (University of Chicago) knows, there isn’t any question that there is an interaction between...Read More


9 Revolutionary Ways to Prevent Disease

Drink (That's Right, Drink) EVOO In June of 2018, The New England Journal of Medicine published a study which conclusively reported that incidence of major cardiovascular events (heart attack and...Read More


Advances in Patient Care are Helping Families

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has long been a leader in prostate cancer research and discovering treatments that have significantly helped prostate cancer patients lead better, longer lives. Over the last...Read More


PCF Team Science

Building the best teams to fight prostate cancer Like a super hero team brought together to save the world, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has led the charge to bring together...Read More

Heather 3rd try

Prostate Cancer: Curing the Whole Family

Learning your family’s history with cancer is important. The link between some types of prostate cancer and other cancers through genetics has been known for some time, although it is...Read More


Coffey-Holden Prostate Cancer Academy 2018

The 6th annual Coffey-Holden Prostate Cancer Academy took place at UCLA from June 21st - 24th. This annual, invitation-only meeting sponsored by the Prostate Cancer Foundation is uniquely designed to...Read More


Len Bellavia is “Cruisin’ For the Cure” Again

Back in January, we shared Len Bellavia’s story about his “new lease on life” after a mistaken diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer - what he called “the worst moment of...Read More


For Your Daughter

This Father’s Day, if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your daughter. Dr. Mary-Claire King, a geneticist at the University of Washington, who is credited with discovering...Read More


Reflecting on 1,000 miles

Steve Malikowski, who has been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, set out to cross the country on a bike in early May. It’s a total of 4,100 miles from coast...Read More


The Value of PCF

What kind of organization has a goal to “go out of business?” We do, that’s who.  (No, really.) Around the office here, we have an internal goal to put ourselves...Read More