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PCF and New PSA Featured on TODAY

Look ma, we’re on TV! This Friday, January 25th, 2019, PCF was featured on TODAY. Why you ask? Well, it’s not just because we are the world’s leading prostate cancer...Read More


How the Prostate Cancer Foundation Changed the Culture of Prostate Cancer Research

Before PCF, outlook for patients was bleak Less than 30 years ago, the total amount funding into prostate cancer research was less than $30 million a year. “So, in 1991,...Read More


PCF’S Impact Across All Cancers

Supporting prostate cancer research means supporting all cancer research Since the Prostate Cancer Foundation began funding prostate cancer research 25 years ago, many discoveries about the disease have been made,...Read More


Jeff Perlman: Take a More Active Approach to Prostate Cancer Health

Jeff Perlman is a PR exec in Southern California. He’s 58, very funny, smart and humble. There is a saying that he likes to repeat over and over again: If...Read More


Dr. Edward Loftspring: Prostate Cancer Survivor & Awareness Advocate

Everyone looks forward to retirement – the time when they can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of their years of hard work and labor. And some people look forward...Read More


Top 25 in 25

This year the Prostate Cancer Foundation turned 25.  While we had hoped to be out of business, we are proud of what we have achieved in the fight against prostate...Read More


Prostate Cancer Survivors: What Advice Would You Give the Newly Diagnosed?

The best advice about prostate cancer from the men & families who’ve already gone through it. Recently, we asked the members of our private Prostate Cancer Survivors Facebook group what...Read More

In Memoriam – Dr. Andrew Hruszkewycz

In Memoriam – Dr. Andrew Hruszkewycz

It is with great sadness that we offer condolences on the sudden passing of Dr. Andrew Hruszkewycz of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) on December 16th. Andrew was a friend...Read More

CJ Prosise Cleats

Watch for PCF Cleats this Sunday

C.J. Prosise of the Seattle Seahawks will be wearing custom PCF cleats for the 12/2 game against the San Francisco 49ers as part of the My Cause, My Cleats campaign....Read More


PCF Researchers – Exploring the Unknown

No discovery can be made if you don’t face the unknown and then step beyond it. This is certainly true in the field of prostate cancer research. PCF’s strategy has...Read More