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What’s cooking this week? Sept 20-26 featured image

What’s cooking this week? Sept 20-26

This week’s grocery list includes: Brussels Sprouts Acorn Squash Bean Sprouts Barley Shiitake Mushrooms Tempeh Black Beans Here’s a list of some recipes that feature these ingredients: Start with an...Read More


What’s cooking this week? Sept 13-19

This week’s grocery list includes: Avocado Onion Garlic Tomato Lentils Eggplant (Check back with us to learn more about the science behind nightshades!) Quinoa   Here’s a list of some...Read More


Inflammation and Superfoods

This month, PCF is running a healthy eating challenge. A lot of the foods on our list are plant-based. They are on the list because they help reduce inflammation in...Read More


New Blood Test Approved to Help Guide Treatment Decisions for Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer

Recently, the FDA approved a test to look for changes in a patient’s tumor that may help in choosing treatment options for men with advanced prostate cancer – using only...Read More

sep 6-12 cooking blog

What’s cooking this week? Sept 6-12

This week’s grocery list includes: • Kale • Popcorn • Edamame • Sweet Potatoes • Apple • Almonds • Okra Here’s a list of some recipes that feature these ingredients:...Read More

popcorn featured image

Popcorn: Friend or Foe?

We haven’t been able to go to the movies for the past 6 months, so popcorn may have dropped off your radar. This week, we want remind you about the...Read More

kale featured image

Go Green With Kale

This week, kale is topping our ingredients list, so let’s dig in to the benefits of leafy green vegetables! It is no surprise that salads are healthy, but you may...Read More

soy featured image

Soy: The Versatile Plant-Based Protein Source

In recent years, you may have heard a lot of conflicting information about soy and soy-based products. And there are good reasons for that. First, soy is both a straight-from-the-ground...Read More

healthy stuff

Getting Started: PCF’s 30-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps towards eating healthier during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. We’re thrilled that you’re joining us on a quest for healthier habits. In September, we usually...Read More


Broccoli and Prostate Cancer: What’s the Connection?

If you’ve been following PCF and reading about prostate cancer for a while, you have probably heard that broccoli is good for your prostate. Let’s dive into the science behind...Read More