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Soy: The Versatile Plant-Based Protein Source

In recent years, you may have heard a lot of conflicting information about soy and soy-based products. And there are good reasons for that. First, soy is both a straight-from-the-ground...Read More


The Benefits of Olive Oil

Nutrition advice has swung from low-fat to low-carb to high-fat in recent years, but Mediterranean cultures have known for centuries that olive oil is a sound basis for their diet....Read More


Broccoli and Prostate Cancer: What’s the Connection?

If you’ve been following PCF and reading about prostate cancer for a while, you have probably heard that broccoli is good for your prostate. Let’s dive into the science behind...Read More


At Home Fermenting and Pickling

While many people appreciate the tasty benefits that a pile of sauerkraut, or a sour pickle, not everyone fully appreciates the health benefits. According to the internet, your belly loves...Read More


Sofrito: Summer’s Versatile Sauce

Sofrito is a tomato-based sauce that is used as a base in cooking in many cultures. The lycopene in cooked tomatoes may act as a protective antioxidant. Garlic and onion,...Read More


Highlights From the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting

More than one year in to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer researchers and clinicians are now accustomed to presenting and discussing their findings virtually. From across the globe, thousands of experts...Read More


Q & A with Veteran and Prostate Cancer Survivor Robert Kuhn

U.S. Army Veteran Robert Kuhn, author of Rucksack Grunt, served in Vietnam as an infantry soldier. Bob is a life member of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), a VA volunteer driver,...Read More


What Should You Eat?

In elementary school, you may have learned about the “five food groups,” the “food pyramid” or how to divide up your plate. There are many choices and recommendations out there—both...Read More


Q&A With Prostate Cancer Survivor Mical J. Roy

Mical J. Roy, a young prostate cancer survivor, shares his experience and words of advice. 1. How and when were you diagnosed with prostate cancer? In the summer of 2018,...Read More


PSMA Targeted Therapy Trial Results: New Hope For Men With Prostate Cancer

There is incredibly hopeful news on the horizon for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). Today, promising results were released from a clinical trial of a revolutionary new class...Read More