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Stress and Prostate Cancer

Does prostate cancer make stress worse?  For many men dealing with prostate cancer, the answer is a definite yes; of course it does.  Having prostate cancer is worrisome – even today, when there is more hope of successful treatment than ever before.  But it’s not just the cancer itself.  It’s. Read More


Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

If you have been diagnosed with cancer that is contained within the prostate, you may be thinking: “Hey, there’s just a spot of cancer that showed up on the MRI,” or: “Only three of the needles came back with any cancer at all.” And this may lead you to think: . Read More



 Read More

Video 1 of 4: Us Too Roundtable

At the 26th Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat, we brought together Us TOO patient support group leaders and physician-researchers in a panel to discuss the latest developments on topics that are of key interest to patients. Our goal is to bring this new knowledge to all prostate cancer patients. Read More


Palliative Care for Advanced Prostate Cancer: Treat the Symptoms and Feel Better!

“Getting palliative care doesn’t mean you’re dying!” says Northwestern University medical oncologist and PCF-funded investigator, Alicia Morgans, M.D., M.P.H. But a lot of patients, and their families think so; instead, the reaction may be: “Oh, no.  It’s time.  I’ve been moved to palliative care, which means I’m now in hospice!”. Read More


Top 5 New Discoveries for Patients from the 26th Annual PCF Scientific Retreat

PCF held its 26th Annual Scientific Retreat in October. In attendance were 665 participants from 188 institutions, 18 countries, and 5 continents – the largest turnout in PCF history! Scientific Retreat is an opportunity for PCF-funded investigators and other experts in the field of prostate cancer research to learn from. Read More


Surgery, Radiation, and a One-Act Play

You’re minding your own business and happily living your life, as most of us are when there is a diagnosis of cancer.  What do you do now? For Ric Siler, an actor and writer who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 64, the easy answer is that he went. Read More

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Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities. Currently we don't have any open positions but if you are interested in possible future opportunities please send your CV to info@pcf.org. Read More

Young Investigator Award – Class of 2019

The PCF Young Investigator Award-Class of 2019 recipients are: 2019 National Cancer Institute – PCF Young Investigator Award Remi Adelaiye-Ogala, PhD National Cancer Institute (NCI) Mentors: Kathleen Kelly, David VanderWeele Investigating alteration in AR regulome following response to kinase inhibitors The androgen receptor (AR) is the primary driver of prostate cancer. Read More


Body Fat and Your Risk of Dying of Prostate Cancer

There’s so much fat in bacon grease, you can use it as a fire starter.   You can also take a can of Crisco, stick a wick in it, and make an emergency candle.    Fat is flammable.   Unfortunately, the same is true inside our bodies, as well:  excess body fat. Read More