The Evolving Story of Genetics and Prostate Cancer Someday, there will be a definitive article on precision medicine and what it means to all men with prostate cancer and their families. This is not it. Precision medicine offers a lot of hope – but not for everybody, right at this particular moment. This will surely change: as. Read More

What is BPH?

How Common is BPH? The risk of BPH increases every year after age 40: BPH is present in 20% of men in their fifties, 60% of men in their sixties, and 70% of men by age 70. Is BPH Prostate Cancer? Remember, the “b” stands for benign. BPH is not. Read More


Nate Cornell Scares Up Money for Prostate Cancer

Have you ever thought to yourself “I’d like to make a difference but I don’t know how to do it.”? Nate Cornell didn’t! Nate, age 11, ran his own haunted house this Halloween, raising over $500 to benefit life-saving prostate cancer research. The Cornell boys, Nate (11), Ben (12), Zach. Read More

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Genetic Testing

Thanks to research funded by the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we now know that some prostate cancers are caused by genetic mutations. In 12%-20% of families, certain cancer-causing genes are passed down from mothers and fathers to sons and daughters. These are referred to as germline genetic mutations. A genetic mutation. Read More

Tumor Sequencing

If you have had surgery to remove a prostate cancer tumor, having your tumor genetically sequenced may provide your doctors with more insight into the causes of your cancer and your subsequent treatment plan. So far, scientists have identified approximately 20 known genetic mutations and pathways that cause or accelerate. Read More

How to Be Your Own Best Advocate

Alan Gelband has an undetectable PSA.  Two years after robotic prostatectomy for organ-confined prostate cancer, he has come through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and life is good.  But he will never forget what it was like during that time, and because of that, he shares what he has learned with. Read More


A New Lease on Life

Part I:  A New Lease on Life (pun intended) Are you the kind of person who thinks things happen for a reason?  Len Bellavia wasn’t.  He’s more like your classic mover and shaker - the kind of guy who knows everyone, who people listen to – because it’s so clear. Read More

Annual Scientific Retreats

The Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat is the foremost scientific conference in the world on the biology and treatment of prostate cancer. The diversity, novelty, and extremely high impact of the topics presented as well as the diversity and excellence of the invited attendees make this a unique conference.. Read More