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Body Fat and Your Risk of Dying of Prostate Cancer

There’s so much fat in bacon grease, you can use it as a fire starter.   You can also take a can of Crisco, stick a wick in it, and make an emergency candle.    Fat is flammable.   Unfortunately, the same is true inside our bodies, as well:  excess body fat. Read More

Additional Facts for African American Men and Their Families

Additional Facts for African American Men and Their Families provides special facts and guidance regarding African American men and prostate cancer. Research shows a man of African descent is 76% more likely to develop prostate cancer than a Caucasian man, and more than twice as likely (2.2 times or 120%). Read More

Challenge Awards – Class of 2019

The PCF Challenge Award Winners - Class of 2019 recipients are: 2019 Movember Foundation-PCF Challenge Award Principal Investigators: John Lee, MD, PhD (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Peter Nelson, MD (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) Co-Investigators: Vicky Qian Wu, PhD (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Navin Pinto, MD (Seattle Children's. Read More


Ground Zero and Prostate Cancer

If you were there at Ground Zero in New York City on 9/11, you breathed it in.  If you were in one of the World Trade Center towers when it happened, or a first responder on the scene soon afterward, you breathed in more of it.  And because of that,. Read More


The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer

Whether you are a cancer survivor or someone who just wants to prevent any number of chronic diseases, PCF’s The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer, is an invaluable resource. One in 3 people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetimes. Everyone knows someone with cancer,. Read More


Remembering David H. Koch

The PCF community mourns the loss of former board member David H. Koch. Koch served on the Prostate Cancer Foundation Board of Directors from 1995 to 2019. Koch was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992. Thanks to the same shrewd determination that he was famous for in business, Koch beat. Read More

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Thank you for joining the Prostate Cancer Foundation community! As an email subscriber, you will hear from us 1 to 2 times a month with the latest news about lifestyle, health and wellness tips.   Read More

Fund Lifesaving Research

This September, National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, fund research that will make a difference to men and their families. Read More


Cancer Mutations and Immunotherapy Drugs

Picture, if you will, a laundromat.  One of the washing machines is messed up; it stops in mid-wash cycle, and leaves your clothes all wet and soapy.  Which one is it?  From the outside, they all look the same.  If nobody tells the repair guy which one is broken, how’s. Read More


Brother’s Keeper

Prostate cancer discriminates.  It does not affect all men equally, and at highest risk are men with a family history of prostate cancer and men of African descent. In some ways, black men are hardest hit of all:  If you are a black man, you are not only more than. Read More