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Follow Up Care

After surgery or radiation for localized prostate cancer, your PSA will likely fall. After surgery, your PSA should be undetectable (<0.1 ng/dl) after about 30 days and should remain at this level. A rising PSA can be a sign of early recurrence, and given that radiation is more effective if. Read More

Questions to Ask

Below is a list of questions to ask your doctor when you’re diagnosed with early-stage disease. What is my risk of recurrence after surgery or radiation based on my Gleason score, PSA, rate of PSA rise, and stage? What is my risk of progression over time without therapy? Do I. Read More

Issues to Consider

Read a list of 15 things to consider if you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer — from PSA and Gleason scores to treatment decisions and lifestyle recommendations for prostate health. Read More

Young Investigator Award-Class of 2015

The PCF Young Investigator Award-Class of 2015 recipients are: 2015 David H. Koch–PCF Young Investigator Wassim Abida, MD, PhD Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Mentors: Howard Scher, MD; Charles Sawyers, MD Proposal Title: Investigating Treatment Selection and Resistance Using Prostate Cancer Genomics Description Genomic profiling of primary and metastatic treatment-resistant prostate. Read More

Challenge Awards-Class of 2015

2015-2017 Movember Foundation-PCF Challenge Award ($1 Million) Project Title: Targeting the MLL Complex for the Development of New Therapeutics for CRPC   Principal Investigator: Shaomeng Wang, PhD (University of Michigan) & Arul Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD (University of Michigan) Co-investigators: Rohit Malik, PhD (University of Michigan), Angelo Anguilar, PhD (University of. Read More

Young Investigator Award-Class of 2014

The PCF Young Investigator Award-Class of 2014 recipients are: 2014 Clay and Lynn Hamlin-PCF Young Investigator W. Nathaniel Brennen, PhD The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Mentors: John Isaacs, PhD, Charles Drake, MD, PhD Proposal Title: T cells Engineered to Selectively Deliver a PSA-activated Protoxin to Sites. Read More

Challenge Awards-Class of 2014

MOVEMBER-PCF CHALLENGE AWARDS Movember-PCF Challenge Award ($1 Million) Project Title: Periprostatic adipose inflammation: A targetable mediator of prostate cancer progression Principal Investigator: Andrew Dannenberg, MD (Weill Cornell Medical College) Co-investigators: Kotha Subbaramaiah, PhD (Weill Cornell Medical College), Xi Kathy Zhou, PhD (Weill Cornell Medical College), Howard Scher, MD (Memorial Sloan. Read More


Kelsey Dickson

In January 2014, the young life of a beloved daughter and devoted sister was cut short by a rare form of cancer known as Merkel Cell Carcinoma. At just 10 years old, Kelsey Dickson had a wonderfully vibrant personality. She loved to paint and draw with big dreams to one. Read More


David Emerson

David Emerson from PCF on Vimeo. David was diagnosed at age 42. His prostate cancer was aggressive and had metastasized to his bones and lymph nodes. In his blog he wrote: “… I’ve got it. My instant thought – I do not want to die, this is harder than I. Read More


Faith, Love, Hope, Win

Everyday Heroes With more than 20 successful events behind them, and many more on the brink, the Faith, Love, Hope, Win (FLHW) Foundation has raised more than $175,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The organization began when one man, David Emerson, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. This man was. Read More