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PSA Screening in Black Men: Disparities Post-Pandemic

View the transcript here. Dr. Quoc Trinh is a urologist at the Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center Prostate Cancer Program, PCF Young Investigator, and researcher on health equity in prostate cancer. In this video, he discusses his research showing that rates of PSA screening after the pandemic are not recovering as. Read More


Greater Awareness of Sexual Health for Female Partners of Patients

View the transcript here.   Prostate cancer and its treatments can lead to sexual side effects for patients, perhaps most notably erectile dysfunction, but also changes in ejaculation, sex drive, and other issues. Previous studies have described the impact on the patient's sexuality and quality of life, but much less. Read More


Two Critical Topics on “The Prostate Health Show”: BPH and the Latest in Prostate Cancer Imaging

Got questions about prostate health and prostate cancer? The Prostate Cancer Foundation, Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio channel, and NYU Langone Health are partnering on a monthly prostate health radio series. Our host is PCF-funded researcher and urologist Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc, PhD (Hon.) longtime host of the popular “Men’s Health”. Read More


One-Pot Chicken Recipe

Nothing says easy dinner like a one-pot dish! The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s May recipe is One-Pot Chicken. It’s healthy and delicious - and the prep couldn’t be simpler! As PCF’s recipe fans likely know, research suggests that some nutrition recommendations may reduce the risk of developing lethal prostate cancer and. Read More


Q&A with Prostate Cancer Warrior David Stinnett

PCF is grateful to Mr. David Stinnett for sharing his prostate cancer journey. Read on to find out his advice to newly-diagnosed patients, friends, and family. How and when were you diagnosed with prostate cancer? I went to my primary care provider to get help with ED [erectile dysfunction] issues. . Read More


In memoriam: Nora Navone, MD, PhD

  Nora Navone, M.D., Ph.D., professor, Genitourinary Medical Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, who was affiliated with school’s program in Cancer Biology, died Dec. 15, 2023. She is remembered as an accomplished translational scientist who was a generous mentor and championed her teammates’ success. She was 70. Navone was a. Read More


What’s Good for Your Prostate is Good For All of You

In Part 2 of this 4-part series, Janet Farrar Worthington talks with PCF-funded researcher Lorelei Mucci, Sc.D., M.P.H., about sugar, the Mediterranean Diet, and how a heart-healthy diet helps fight cancer. Check out Part 1 to learn about the nuts-and-bolts of nutrition studies and anti-inflammatory foods. What’s Good for Your. Read More


Exercise is the Turbo Boost to a Healthy Prostate

In Part 3 of this 4-part series, Janet Farrar Worthington talks with PCF-funded epidemiologist June Chan about what a healthy heart has to do with preventing or slowing down prostate cancer. Exercise is the Turbo Boost to a Healthy Prostate  In the fight against prostate cancer, exercise is the gift. Read More


Your Best Life Before, During, and After Prostate Cancer

In this 4-part series, Janet Farrar Worthington talks with PCF-funded researchers Lorelei Mucci and June Chan to uncover the science around food, exercise, and prostate cancer. What does it mean to live your best life?  You might say, quite reasonably, that your best life does not include prostate cancer.  That’s. Read More


Breaking News: PCF Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines for Black Men in the U.S.

Black men in the United States are more likely to be diagnosed with and to die from prostate cancer vs. men of other backgrounds. They are diagnosed at a younger age and with more advanced disease. Yet, Black men remained a footnote in national prostate cancer screening guidelines. These stark,. Read More