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PCF publishes a series of guides as part of our commitment to connect patients and their loved ones to the latest information on prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and research. You can order or download these guides here. Please note that we now offer two separate guides based on type of prostate cancer. One guide focuses on localized disease and the other on recurrent and metastatic prostate cancer.

Patient Guide to Localized Prostate Cancer

Patient Guide to Localized Prostate Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and your doctor has told you that your cancer is early stage, still in the prostate, localized, curable with treatment, or low grade, this guide is for you. The guide includes information about treatment options, possible side effects and their management, healthy living tips, and family cancer risk.

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Patient Guide to Recurrent and Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Patient Guide to Recurrent and Metastatic Prostate Cancer

If you have been newly diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, you have many treatment options. If you have previously been treated for prostate cancer and your PSA is rising, or your doctor suspects that your cancer may have recurred, please see this guide. This guide also covers treatment of advanced prostate cancer that is progressing despite hormone therapy and includes information about the latest therapies and clinical trials.

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Additional Facts for Black Men and Their Families- Cover

Additional Facts for Black Men and Their Families

Additional Facts for Black Men and Their Families provides special facts and guidance regarding Black men and prostate cancer. 1 in 6 Black men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime (vs. 1 in 8 White men). Black men are also more than twice as likely to die from the disease. The guide includes personal thoughts from Charlie Wilson, Brian Custer, and Snoop Dogg. (8 pages)

Wellness Guide

The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer

Whether you are a cancer survivor or someone who just wants to prevent any number of chronic diseases, PCF’s The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer, is an invaluable resource.

One in 3 people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetimes. Everyone knows someone with cancer, but we all wish we didn’t. An aging population, combined with poor lifestyle choices, has resulted in an overall rise in chronic disease, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, and depression. The good news is that 42% of cancer is thought to be preventable. You can become a participant in your own health outcomes with a few of the simple lifestyle suggestions in this guide.

every man prostate cancer guide

Things Every Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Things Every Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer – This pdf provides quick stats and information about prostate cancer.

Spanish Guide

Guía para pacientes con cáncer de próstata | Prostate Cancer Patient Guide

Esta guía es para pacientes que prefieren leer en español. Se basa en nuestra guía completa para pacientes con cáncer de próstata, compilada con las contribuciones de médicos e investigadores expertos, y en nuestra guía para la salud y el bienestar. Es un recurso importante para pacientes y sus familias. Esta guía se centra en la gran cantidad de información disponible sobre la investigación del cáncer de próstata, el tratamiento y el estilo de vida en un solo documento.

Esta guía es para cualquier hombre que haya sido diagnosticado recientemente, que esté recibiendo tratamiento o esté preocupado por un aumento de PSA. Más allá de eso, es para cualquier ser querido o cuidador que desee información esencial.

Curando con los Romeros retrata una familia afectada por el cáncer de próstata. Mira los cinco capítulos aquì.

This guide is for patients who prefer to read in Spanish. It is based on our comprehensive guide for prostate cancer patients, compiled with contributions from expert physicians and researchers, and our guide to health and wellness. It is an important resource for patients and their families. This guide focuses on the wealth of information available on prostate cancer research, treatment, and lifestyle in one document.

This guide is for any man who has recently been diagnosed, is undergoing treatment, or is concerned about a rise in PSA. Beyond that, it is for any loved one or caregiver who wants essential information.

Curing with the Romeros portrays a family affected by prostate cancer. Watch all five episodes here.