PCF publishes a series of helpful guides as part of our commitment to connect men and their loved ones to the latest prostate cancer research information. You can order or download these guides here.

An Introduction to Prostate Cancer

An Introduction to Prostate Cancer is designed to help men, their families, and friends quickly understand the risk factors for prostate cancer, find out how it is diagnosed, and review different treatment options. (8 pages)

Health and Wellness: Living with Prostate Cancer

Health and Wellness: Living with Prostate Cancer
ALL NEW IN 2015. Making mindful dietary and lifestyle decisions is an important part of your life as a prostate cancer survivor. By applying the latest findings in diet, nutrition, and exercise, a prostate cancer diagnosis can be the beginning of your best, healthiest self.

Straight Talk for African-American Men and Their Families

Straight Talk for African-American Men and Their Families provides special facts and guidance regarding African-American men and prostate cancer. Research shows that African-American men are 1.6 times more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 2.4 times more likely to die from it than Caucasian men. The guide includes personal thoughts from Charlie Wilson, D.L. Hughley and Snoop Dogg. (8 pages)

Prostate Cancer Genes Begin to Tell Their Story—a layman’s guide to the genetics of prostate cancer

This PDF has links to an Interactive Risk Assessment Calculator from the Cleveland Clinic, a section on Understanding Your Family History of Prostate Cancer and What to Do Once You Know Your Family History of Risk for Prostate Cancer. The article also contains the basic information of which genes are known to affect prostate cancer risk and progression. For example: half of all prostate cancers carry an abnormal gene fusion that can be tested for in a new urine test called Mi-Prostate Score.

Download a copy in PDF format.

Maintaining Health During Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Long-term ADT is a cornerstone of prostate cancer treatment. There is a desperate need to better understand the physical and cognitive side effects of this treatment. Renowned expert Dr. Matthew Smith convened a global consortium of scientists and physician-scientists to contribute to this monograph using the most relevant data available.

Available only as a download in PDF format.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Questions To Ask Your Doctor – This slim folder comes with 7 inserts with questions to ask your doctor. Each insert also provides room to jot down the answers.
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