Our Prostate Cancer Patient Guide has been updated and includes new FDA approvals, helpful graphics and worksheets, and a revised section on the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. You can also download Appendices on special topics here: Patients Aged 50 and Younger, Gay and Bisexual Men and Trans Women, and Your Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Compiled with the contributions of top-tier doctors and researchers in prostate cancer, the guide is a must-have resource for patients and families.  It focuses all of the information available about contemporary prostate cancer research, treatment, and lifestyle factors into one consolidated document.

It is for any man who has been newly diagnosed, who is in treatment, or is concerned about a rising PSA. Beyond that, it’s for any loved one or caregiver who wants to cut through the information noise and get directly to need-to-know information for prostate cancer patient navigation. Lastly, as we are beginning to recognize the genetic underpinnings of cancer, this guide is for any family member who might want to understand how their shared genes affect their own short- and long-term risk factors—and whether they should be screened as well.

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