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UroToday and PRIMR Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Clinical Trial Awareness

Digital Science Press / UroToday

RENO, Nev.March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — UroToday, the premier global hub for urology news and education, and PRIMR, a pioneering oncology clinical trial patient education company, proudly announce their inaugural strategic partnership. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to redefine clinical trial awareness and education, marking a historic milestone for both organizations.

UroToday is renowned for delivering cutting-edge content vital for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of GU oncology and urology. In a synergistic move, PRIMR, a trailblazer in doctor-created educational content, has joined forces to revolutionize the dissemination of clinical trial information.

This strategic alliance harnesses UroToday’s expansive communication network, which seamlessly connects with patients and providers globally, with PRIMR’s hallmark simplicity in conveying complex medical information. The united objective is to empower principal investigators and sponsors in enhancing awareness of their clinical studies, with a concerted effort to drive increased patient enrollment and engagement.

“We are excited to join forces with PRIMR to empower both patients and providers with valuable educational resources related to oncology clinical trials,” said Gina Carithers, Founder and CEO of UroToday. “This partnership aligns with our mission to advance urological care through education and collaboration.”

“We are delighted to partner with UroToday to expand the reach of our educational initiatives and support oncology clinical trial awareness,” remarked David Grew MD MPH, founder of PRIMR. “Together, we will empower patients with knowledge and enable healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding clinical trial referrals.”

UroToday’s global reach extends to over 500,000 urologists and healthcare professionals, providing an unparalleled platform for disseminating critical information. PRIMR, with its expertise in crafting easily understandable educational content, complements this by simplifying complex medical concepts for patients and healthcare providers, facilitating informed decision-making.

As part of the collaboration, PRIMR will leverage UroToday’s robust distribution channels to deliver educational materials directly to patients and providers interested in genitourinary oncology clinical trials. This strategic approach aims to bridge the gap between patients and trial sponsors, fostering informed participation and enhancing patient-centered care.

This groundbreaking partnership represents a significant leap forward in advancing patient education and elevating clinical trial awareness within the oncology community. By pooling their strengths, UroToday and PRIMR are poised to catalyze positive change and improve outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike.

About PRIMR:
PRIMR is a physician-led patient education company on a mission to reduce patient suffering by distilling complex cancer concepts into simple, engaging animated videos. Working closely with sponsors, PRIMR amplifies trial awareness through content distribution across our physician and patient community, as well as geo targeted ad campaigns near trial sites. PRIMR is dedicated to empowering patients and healthcare providers with accessible knowledge about cutting edge drugs and devices to make informed decisions and improve cancer care outcomes.

About UroToday:
UroToday is a leading global resource for urology news and education. UroToday reaches over 500,000 urologists and healthcare professionals worldwide and provides them with access to the latest news, research, and clinical practice guidelines. UroToday is also a leading provider of patient education materials, and its website is visited by over 1 million patients and caregivers each year.

Learn more about UroToday here: http://www.urotoday.com

Learn more about PRIMR here: https://www.primrmed.com/

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