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Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer

In recent years, the role of chemotherapy has changed in prostate cancer treatment. Multiple clinical trials have shown that for patients with metastatic prostate cancer who are starting hormone therapy for the first time, adding docetaxel chemotherapy lengthens life. Read more about treatment “intensification” with docetaxel here.

The decision on when to start chemotherapy may be based on several factors:

  • What other treatment options or clinical trials are available.
  • How well chemotherapy is likely to be tolerated.
  • What prior therapies you have received.
  • If radiation is needed prior to chemotherapy to relieve pain quickly.

Often chemotherapy is given before pain starts,  with the goal of preventing the cancer from spreading further to other sites. Discuss the use of chemotherapy with your medical oncologist early and often, and keep an open mind despite your concerns about chemotherapy’s “bad rap.” Docetaxel can extend life, reduce pain, and improve quality of life, although it does not cure prostate cancer. Researchers continue to conduct clinical trials of combination treatments with docetaxel and other promising therapies.

Many men who are suffering from their cancer will experience symptomatic improvement after starting chemotherapy. For example, pain is often reduced in men starting docetaxel, and quality of life is generally better for men with cancer-related symptoms who receive chemotherapy as compared with no therapy.

Taxane Chemotherapy

Currently, taxane chemotherapy, given with prednisone, is the standard of care for men with metastatic prostate cancer that has spread and is progressing despite hormone therapy. Taxane chemotherapy agents approved for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer include docetaxel (Taxotere®) and cabazitaxel (Jevtana®).

As mentioned, docetaxel is also effective in prolonging life in patients who are starting hormone therapy for the first time for metastatic disease.

Platinum Chemotherapy

Platinum-based chemotherapy agents including carboplatin (Paraplatin®), cisplatin (Platinol®), and oxaliplatin (Eloxatin®), are used for the treatment of various cancer types. Platinum chemotherapy is not FDA approved for the treatment of prostate cancer; however, it is sometimes used in very advanced prostate cancer patients who have exhausted all other treatment options or in patients who have rare subtypes of prostate cancer. Patients with advanced disease who are not responding to standard therapy can talk with their doctor about whether they may be candidates for platinum chemotherapy.

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