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Exercise for Prostate Cancer

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. For prostate cancer survivors, exercise as much as you are physically able, at a pace which is maximal for your personal fitness.

For those that are able to exercise vigorously, walk as briskly as you can (3+ miles per hour), and try to add bouts of jogging. Vigorous exercise should include close to maximal effort, in which your heart beats rapidly and you are sweating. Such activity includes running, vigorous swimming, or fast bicycling.

Research suggests that exercise affects energy metabolism, inflammation, oxidative stress, immunity, and androgen signaling pathways, and
is therefore beneficial for men with prostate cancer. Exercise reduces levels of inflammation. Several studies have shown that vigorous exercise significantly reduced the risk of prostate cancer recurrence, compared with the same volume of exercise at an easy pace.

For more detailed information on nutrition, get the guide: The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer.

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