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Statement From Jonathan Simons on American Cancer Society 2021 Facts and Figures

The American Cancer Society’s 2021 Facts & Figures holds good news for all Americans: overall,...

PCF-Funded Research Inhibits Prostate Cancer Growth

New research, just published in Cancer Discovery, describes a new therapy with promising preclinical activity...

Promising new treatment strategy for men with drug-resistant prostate cancer

A new experimental drug could offer a promising approach to treating men with advanced prostate...

Largest, most diverse ever study of prostate cancer genetics brings disparities into focus

"PCF has been funding research to understand and improve African American disparities in prostate cancer...


A Legacy of Leadership

Explore PCF's growth and impact over 25 years of funding the most promising prostate cancer research.


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No Veteran Left Behind



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Our goal is to put ourselves out of business, and we will not stop until not another man dies of prostate cancer.

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