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The articles on this page describe sexual changes that may occur after different types of prostate cancer treatment. The page also includes information for partners of patients.



Pain before, during, or soon after orgasm.



Inability to ejaculate during orgasm.


Erectile Dysfunction

Inability to have an erection that gets firm enough or stays firm enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse.


Sexual Incontinence

Leakage of urine during sex.


Changes in Libido

Changes in libido or sex drive that may occur with prostate cancer and its treatment.


Finding Help for Sexual Side Effects from Prostate Cancer

Support groups can be extremely helpful for patients and partners experiencing sexual changes during the prostate cancer journey.


Managing Stress and Anxiety for Patients and Caregivers

See a list of techniques and resources to help encourage relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.


Sexual Recovery: The Emotional Work

Getting your sex life back on track requires emotional as well as physical work. Feelings of grief are a normal part of the recovery process for men and partners.


Sexual Recovery: Sexual Function Aids for Women

It’s important to address sexual health needs of both men with cancer and their partners. This may include sexual aids for women.

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