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A Conversation with Dr. Sherita King

Urologic surgeon and sexual medicine expert Dr. Sherita King talks with PCF CEO Dr. Charles J. Ryan about how and why sexual changes occur and describes the range of treatments for each.

Penile Prosthesis: the Patient Experience

Patients candidly discuss their experiences with a penile prosthesis.

A Spouse's Perspective

Hear from a patient's spouse about their experience adjusting to changes in sexual health after prostate cancer treatment.

Experience with Sexual Function Following Prostate Cancer Treatment

Patients discuss their experiences with changes in sexual function after treatment, and how they worked with their doctors to manage them.

Patients Discuss Bladder Health

Patients describes their experience with treatments for incontinence.

Sexual Medicine Specialist Dr. Sherita King on Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Zachary Klaassen and Dr. Sherita King discuss options to manage erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer treatments.

Communicating About Intimacy: Dr. Sharon Bober

Medical oncologist Dr. Alicia Morgans speaks with Dr. Sharon Bober, Director of the Sexual Health program at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Learn about how and why sexual changes occur after prostate cancer treatment, considerations for patients and partners, and professionals who can help.

Dr. Martin Kathrins on Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Medical Oncologist Dr. Alicia Morgans speaks with urologist Dr. Martin Kathrins on treatment options for erectile dysfunction, from oral medications to injections to an implanted prosthesis.

Bladder Health Following Surgery

Dr. Sherita King discusses ways to manage urine leakage after prostatectomy, including Kegel exercises, pelvic floor physical therapy, and surgical treatment options.