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PCF’s Impact Across Other Cancers

A New Way of Looking at The Cancer Problem

For years, researchers focused on individual sites for cancer treatment; in other words, doctors focused specifically on breast cancer research, or colon cancer research, or prostate cancer research, etc.

Thanks to some significant discoveries funded by PCF over the last 10 years, we now know there’s more complexity to cancer growth than can be found or studied in a single organ site.  We are beginning to understand that if we target the mechanisms of cancer – which may be shared across many different cancer types – rather than just trying to wipe out an individual tumor, we might have better success both in terms of eradicating the cancer and also doing it in a way that is less taxing on the individual patient in terms of treatment and side effects.  This new form of thinking is called precision medicine, and PCF believes it is the core of unlocking the mystery of curing cancer.

Not only does PCF have a track record of successfully bringing cutting-edge treatments to market for prostate cancer patients, but because the research PCF funds is so impactful we have now funded projects that have overlap.

This means that while PCF is still focused on eliminating all deaths from prostate cancer for all men, we’ve also got our eyes on a much bigger prize: using prostate cancer as a stepping stone to unlock the cure for all cancer.