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How We Do It

At the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we fund progress.

In the 30 years since the Prostate Cancer Foundation opened its doors, the death rate from prostate cancer had dropped by 50%. How?  PCF funds researchers from all over the world, across hundreds of institutions, cancer centers, and universities. Since 1993, we have catalyzed the discovery of 12 life-saving drugs, pushed all the way from the kernel of an idea, through clinical trials, to FDA approval, and into doctors’ hands to cure patients.  There are new breakthroughs happening every month by PCF funded researchers.

Thanks to this lifetime of innovation, we at the Prostate Cancer Foundation no longer ask if we can cure prostate cancer, but how fast.

How do we do it?

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Young Investigator Awards fund the best ideas from the brightest young minds.

Challenge Awards accelerate scientific discovery through team science and collaboration.

Creativity Awards support imaginative, innovative thinking.

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