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Why Give to PCF

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By the time you read this page, another man will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. It happens every 2 minutes. There’s no better time than now to take action in the fight against prostate cancer.

Your generosity is the catalyst of our progress and has helped us generate more than $1 billion in prostate cancer research. PCF relies primarily on private contributions to accelerate the world’s most promising research and these donors are determined to fight back.

Through our innovative model of philanthropic investing, we have a history of turning donations into groundbreaking successes.

In the 30 years since PCF’s establishment:

  • The number of FDA-approved treatments for prostate cancer has increased from 3 to 27
  • PCF has seed-funded 14 FDA-approved therapies for prostate cancer
  • We have funded promising nutritional research that promotes good health with simple behavioral changes

We’ve also leveraged donations to generate even more support—multiplying every dollar raised 10 times by stimulating further research funded by government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and others.

It’s a strong start, but it’s not nearly enough.

We need your help now more than ever, no matter the size:

  • Help researchers learn why 1 in 8 men get prostate cancer—and why it is more deadly to some than others
  • Help support scientists who are trying to speed new treatments to patients
  • Help connect families and clinicians to the latest standard-of-care information

Your donation goes to work quickly. Our innovative fast-track process for grant-making frees investigators to work on breakthroughs instead of paperwork.

You hold the key to better treatments and, ultimately, cures to this devastating disease.

Donate now or find out how you can take action to help.