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New in 2022-23: the PCF Webinar Series

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is excited to announce a new series of webinars hosted by Charles J. Ryan, MD, PCF President and CEO.

PCF aims to connect patients and caregivers with current, essential information across the various stages of the prostate cancer journey. Each month, Dr. Ryan will speak with leaders in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, research, and survivorship and answer your questions during these live virtual events.

Webinars are FREE and open to ALL.

NEW DATE! December 13, 2022: Sexual Health and Incontinence

Time: 4:30-6:00 PM Pacific / 7:30-9:00 PM Eastern

Changes in urinary and sexual function are two of the most common—and most feared—possible side effects of treatment for localized prostate cancer. Fortunately, there is room for much optimism: there are many excellent options to manage them. Dr. Ryan speaks with urologic surgeon Dr. Sherita King of Augusta University Health and the Medical College of Georgia. She is an expert in male and female sexual dysfunction, and a recognized center of excellence in penile implants. Dr. Lindsay Hampson will discuss management of incontinence. She specializes in genitourinary reconstruction, including complications of surgery and radiation therapy, and is Associate Professor of Urology at UCSF. If you had previously registered for this event, you have been automatically registered for the new date.

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October 11, 2022: Shared Decision-Making and Treatment Regret

Time: 4:30-5:30 PM Pacific / 7:30-8:30 PM Eastern

How do you make decisions about prostate cancer treatment? It can be challenging, at any stage in the journey. Medical oncologist Dr. Alicia Morgans (Dana Farber Cancer Institute) discusses the importance of shared decision-making and practical tips on communicating with your healthcare team. Urologist Dr. Matthew Cooperberg (UCSF) will address a related phenomenon, treatment-related regret.


View Transcript here.

View Transcript here.

September 20, 2022: Physical and Mental Wellness in Prostate Cancer

Time: 4:30-5:30 PM Pacific / 7:30-8:30 PM Eastern

Dr. Stacey Kenfield (UCSF) discusses Prostate 8: Simple Lifestyle Changes That Work and offers practical ways to incorporate nutrition and exercise into your life. Psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Roth (MSKCC) specializes in caring for patients with genitourinary cancers. He will review the mental health challenges patients commonly face, how to help yourself, and how to start the conversation with your doctor.


View Transcript here.


View Transcript here.

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