Amina Zoubeidi

Amina Zoubeidi
About Amina Zoubeidi

Dr. Zoubeidi’s research is focused on determining the function of a molecule called Heat Shock Protein 27 (Hsp27), which has been implicated as a promoter of tumor cell movement, invasion and metastasis in many cancers including prostate cancer. Hsp27 supports cell survival during stress conditions, such as cancer treatment. Early results from Dr. Zoubeidi’s team suggests that Hsp27 may also induce a cellular structural change in prostate cancer cells that enable the cells to detach from the tumor microenvironment and move to other sites of the body, resulting in lethal metastasis. Dr. Zoubeidi has outlined a comprehensive plan to describe the molecular “blue-print” of protein interactions orchestrated by Hsp27 that drive progression of prostate cancer. An inhibitor of HSP27 is currently undergoing clinical investigation in advanced prostate cancer. Analysis of specimens from these treated patients will further enable her ability to define the benefits of blocking this molecular pathway.


The 2010 Durden Foundation – PCF Young Investigator Award

Amina Zoubeidi, MSc, PhD

University of British Columbia, Vancouver Prostate Centre – Vancouver, BC


Martin Gleave, MD, Liber Ero British Columbia Leadership Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia and Director, The Vancouver Prostate Centre.