Barbara Graves, PhD

Barbara Graves, PhD
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ETS Protein Targets in Prostate Cancer—Understanding Gene Activity that Likely Causes Up to 60 Percent of Prostate Cancer Cases Can Open Door to New Drug Development
Over-expression of Ets genes, due to chromosomal fusions are the likely cause of over 40-60% of prostate cancer cases. Dr. Graves, a world leader in Ets genes in leukemia, proposes to enter the prostate cancer field and to map the DNA regions that bind Ets proteins which will in turn help to define the downstream cancer causing factors. This proposal intends to employ state-of-the-art molecular biology biotechnologies. It also recruits into prostate cancer research one of the original leading scientists studying Ets genes prior to their discovery in prostate cancer at the University of Michigan. These studies could represent the first step in discovering new medicines that could interrupt carcinogenesis of the prostate and progression of prostate cancer that occurs via Ets genes.

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