Christian R. Gomez, PhD

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Hypoxia-Regulated DLG7 in Prostate Carcinogenesis and Prognosis
An unmet medical need in prostate cancer diagnosis and therapy is the lack of highly-reliable progression biomarkers to monitor efficacy of therapy. Dr. Gomez’s research team has discovered a molecule called DLG7 which may serve as a reliable progression biomarker in prostate cancer. This research will test the ability of DLG7 and related molecules to predict an unfavorable outcome of prostate cancer by testing patient biopsy specimens that are well annotated with outcome data.

Potential patient benefit: While PSA is a useful biomarker, it is prostate-specific and not prostate cancer-specific early in the prognostic process. DLG7 has the potential to be a prostate cancer-specific marker that may accurately predict the process of disease progression.