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Corinne Joshu
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Dr. Joshu and colleagues previously observed that men who gained weight circa the time of prostatectomy were twice as likely to recur as compared with men who maintained their weight. The biological mechanism underlying this association remains unclear. To assess this association, Dr. Joshu, is evaluating two novel predictors of prostate cancer risk and prognosis: telomere length and inflammation. Dr. Joshu will evaluate whether weight gain and obesity are associated with 1) variable telomere length in cancer cells among patients surgically treated for clinically localized prostate cancer; and 2) the extent of inflammation present in benign and malignant prostate tissue among patients surgically treated for clinically localized PCa. This work may ultimately provide physicians and men with prostate cancer with a strategy to reduce risk of prostate cancer recurrence by avoiding or intervening on weight gain.


The 2011 Kovler Family Foundation – PCF Young Investigator Award

Corinne Joshu, PhD

Johns Hopkins University


Elizabeth Platz, ScD and Angelo DeMarzo, MD, PhD