Jennifer Rider

Jennifer Rider
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  • Low vitamin D levels in blood have been shown in numerous population-based studies to correlate with prostate cancer mortality. Also, several genetic alterations in the vitamin-D pathway-related genes have been shown to be associated with a risk of death from prostate cancer.
  • Dr. Rider’s studies will investigate a link between vitamin D levels, lethal prostate cancer and the presence of prostatic infection.
  • These investigations should contribute to an understanding of the etiology of the lethal form of prostate cancer.

What this means for patients: The outcomes of this research will help stratify patient risk for lethal prostate cancer.


2013 Michael & Lori Milken-PCF Young Investigator

Jennifer Rider, ScD

Harvard School of Public Health


Lorelei Mucci, ScD and Myles Brown, MD

Project Title

The immunomodulatory and androgen-associated actions of vitamin D in prostate cancer