Kit Lam, MD, PhD

Kit Lam, MD, PhD
About Kit Lam, MD, PhD

Smart Nanoparticles for Imaging and Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Dr. Lam is an expert in the area of nanotechnology drug delivery systems. His research group has invented a nanoparticle that delivers chemotherapy only to prostate cancer cells. These targeted nanoparticles will be loaded with chemotherapy medications and will be tested for targeting in animal models of prostate cancer. It is hoped that these particles will deliver concentrations of chemotherapy directly to tumors that far exceed therapeutic levels that can be achieved by standard intravenous administration.

Potential patient benefit: This delivery system could improve the efficacy of Docetaxel many-fold, thereby improving survival efficacy while reducing side effects.


The Susan and James Blair-PCF Creativity Award


Bren Professor of Chemistry


California Institute of Technology