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Martin Sanda
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Dr. Sanda and his cross-disciplinary team of nano-material chemists and immunologists are developing a new immunotherapy with the potential to boost a patient’s immune system to fight cancer. This new medicine formulation will contain two components. One is a nanoparticle vaccine that will stimulate the body’s immune system to produce cancer-fighting agents. The second component is one that will further boost the patients’ immune system to attack cancer cells. This team of experts is using an ingenious method to deliver the medication right to the tumor cells, using prostate cancer-specific, biodegradable nanocarriers that will carry the medicine directly to the requisite immune cells of the body and stimulate them for a disease-specific response.
Potential patient benefit: The new medication being developed by Dr. Sanda and colleagues has the potential to efficiently deliver new agents to stimulate a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. This work represents continued progress in immunotherapy for cancer—a now validated concept that was once thought to be impossible.

Martin Sanda, MD –

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Nanoparticle-Targeted Peptide Vaccines for Prostate Cancer: The Harvard – Hopkins – Carolina Consortium


Joseph M DeSimone, PhD; Simon M Arredouani, PhD; Charles Drake, MD, PhD