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Matthew Cooperberg
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The landscape of therapeutic options for men with advanced prostate cancer is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Multiple novel agents extend survival and quality of life via independent, non-overlapping mechanisms; but all are expensive, and many questions regarding their optimal use, timing, sequencing, and combination have not yet been answered. CaPSURE (Cancer of the Prostate Strategic Urologic Research Endeavor) is a registry which since 1995 has accrued men with prostate cancer. This open cohort now including over 14,000 men with prostate cancer treated across the United States, mostly in community-based practices, has been the source of many invaluable studies in health services and outcomes research. The registry accrues men at time of diagnosis, and historically has focused for the most part on localized or locally-recurrent disease. Dr. Cooperberg proposes to expand the CaPSURE framework to include later stages of disease, in order to study rapidly emerging prostate cancer management trends, clinical practice patterns and outcomes for men with advanced prostate cancer.


The 2011 Judy and Ronald Baron – PCF Young Investigator Award

Matthew Cooperberg, MD

University of California, San Francisco


Peter Caroll, MD and Charles Ryan, MD