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Drs. Febbo and Higano propose a phase II trial of the experimental medication, XL184 (Cabozantinib) that has shown very promising results in reducing bone and soft tissue metastases in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Since the mechanism of action of this promising therapeutic is largely unknown, this study will help us understand how the medicine works in the body and the specific tissues it targets. This team, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Washington, will use PET imaging to study bone tumor biopsies from patients of advanced prostate cancer. These findings will help to further enhance the efficacy of this therapy as well as identify new drug combination treatments. The findings from this Phase II trial will also help us understand the exact pathways affected by XL184, which will help in the development of sequential therapies in the future, when the cancer eventually becomes resistant to XL184.
Potential patient benefit: In this phase II trial of XL184, Drs. Febbo and Higano are studying the exact mechanism by which this medication benefits patients with metastatic prostate cancer. This knowledge will inform clinical investigations of this medication as well as its potential use in new combinative and sequential treatments to improve outcomes.

Philip G. Febbo, MD –

University of California, San Francisco
Understanding the Clinical and Radiological Impact of XL184 through Treatment Science


Celestia Higano, MD, Beatrice Knutson, PhD, Peter Nelson, MD, Edwin Posadas, MD, Ravi Salgia, MD, Evan Yu, MD