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Steven Frank
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Dr. Frank earned his certification in Nuclear Engineering from the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program and an MD degree from Emory University. He completed a Fellowship in Radiation Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center and is currently an Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Following prostate cancer treatment, men are often embarrassed if they become incontinent. Recent data reveals that up to 33 percent of men or approximately 73,000 men annually will be wearing diapers or pads for up to two years following their treatment. The goal of Dr. Frank’s proposal is to eliminate incontinence by 2012 for men treated with brachytherapy through MRI image-guided radiation therapy. With accurate dose determination, cancer cure rates will increase and side effects will decrease translating into an improvement in quality of life following prostate cancer treatment.

David Swanson, MD, will provide mentorship. He has a record of more than 32 years as a scholar at MD Anderson and has helped develop the careers of dozens of now well-established investigators.

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The 2008 Earle I. Mack – PCF Young Investigator Award

Steven Frank, MD

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, TX