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About Tommy & Elise S

My story starts with watching my wife standing by my side and taking care of me while I was in the hospital for sepsis following my biopsy. She helped me in every way possible without making me feel embarrased. Her steadfast, strength and courage in the face of possible death, was the rock I could lean on. Then less than a week later hearing the doctor say I have bad news… My wife told me we can do this we will do whatever it takes. She has seen me through every appointment and procedure while still working her full time job — and dealing with psoriatic arthritis. -Tommy

It all started with a routine appointment and being told his PSA was too high. Two weeks of antibiotics and an even higher PSA. Then came Urology, again his PSA was even higher. Then came the biopsy, never having had an invasive procedure before he before he was truly scared.

We were at the hospital the next day, with SEPSIS and the ER doctor telling me I don’t know if you got him here in enough time. A week later we hear I have bad news. My husband is also an ASPIE (Asperger) he tends to lean heavily to the negative, waiting between appointment was a struggle to keep him focased on positive rather then the negative.

Thankfully, we ended up with two of the best possible doctors, that my husband really liked and explained things everything as we went. We ended up going with brachytherapy. His procedure was on our anniversary — it was funny how he kept telling everyone “today’s our anniversary — my wife is the best — she had no idea what she signed on for when she signed on with me.” I told him when we married that I would love him unconditionally and I have. But, until now he didn’t understand what I meant by unconditional. It is hard being a caregiver, at times very hard — but then when he looks at you and says thank-you for everything you do, I love you — it’s all worth it. – Elise