William Polkinghorn, MD

William Polkinghorn, MD
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Defining the role of AR Signaling in Promoting Prostate Cancer Radioresistance
Dr. Polkinghorn postulates that androgen receptor signaling directly promotes prostate cancer resistance to radiation therapy (radioresistance). This work will determine which androgen receptor-dependent genes promote prostate cancer radioresistance. Medical inhibition of androgen pathway gene expression targets could increase efficacy of radiation therapy. Testing will be performed in prostate cancer cell lines as well as human prostate cancer tissue specimens from large clinical trials of androgen deprivation therapy during radiation treatment with known outcomes.

Potential patient benefit: More effective radiation therapy of localized and locally advanced prostate cancer may result in the prevention of metastatic disease years, if not decades, later.


The Susan and James Blair-PCF Creativity Award


Research Fellow


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center