Adam Sowalsky

Adam Sowalsky
About Adam Sowalsky
  • Genomic analysis of cancer tissue has enabled investigators to study mechanisms of resistance to the androgen receptor (AR) inhibitor Xtandi® in men with prostate cancer.
  • Dr. Adam Sowalsky will use tissue samples taken from men progressing on Xtandi® and generate six new Xtandi®-resistant cell cultures. These cultures will potentially preserve the complexity and diversity of treatment resistance prostate cancers, allowing advanced mechanistic studies.
  • Treatment-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) emerges as tumor cells respond to the stress of therapy and change in order to survive. The cancer now survives in an environment of low hormonal concentration.
  • This developed model will allow him to determine if alterations to the DNA damage repair machinery render CRPC cells susceptible to PARP (DNA-repairing protein) medicines.
  • If successful, Dr. Sowalsky’s study will provide critical data to support the management of patients whose cancers progress during treatment with Xtandi®.

What this means for patients: Comprehensive understanding of the biology and molecular interactions driving treatment resistance allows scientists to develop innovative strategies to treat men with CRPC. Creating new cell lines based on resistance to new drugs can be invaluable tools to the entire prostate cancer research community.


2015 National Cancer Institute–PCF Young Investigator

Adam Sowalsky, PhD

National Cancer Institute


Kathleen Kelly, PhD; William Dahut, MD

Proposal Title

Investigations into the Mechanisms of Resistance to Enzalutamide in CRPC