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Andrew Goldstein
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The first medical treatment for metastatic prostate cancer is Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT). Unfortunately, nearly 100% of patients become refractory to this treatment and their cancer progresses to androgen-independent, castration-resistant stage (CRPC). Eliminating the CRPC-regenerating tumor cell population might inhibit disease recurrence; however, it is unclear if such a population exists. Dr. Andrew Goldstein has developed a direct transformation assay that can re-program normal human prostate cells to reconstitute human prostate cancer in immunodeficient mice. Ultimately, he proposes to use this model to investigate various genetic drivers to castration resistance and is studying the mechanisms that lead to the development of castration-resistant prostate cancer with a focus on treatment targets that will reverse lethality of the disease.


The 2011 Joe and Ali Torre – PCF Young Investigator Award (first year)


The 2011 Bonnie Pfeifer Evans – PCF Young Investigator Award (second year)


The 2011 Todd Boehly – PCF Young Investigator Award

Andrew Goldstein, PhD

University of California, Los Angeles


Owen Witte, MD