Chia-Yi Chu

Chia-Yi Chu
About Chia-Yi Chu
  • An unmet medical need is the control of metastases of prostate cancer that cause the lethal form of this disease.
  • Dr. Chu has discovered metastasis-initiating prostate cancer cells that circulate in the blood of animals bearing prostate tumors.
  • Novel methods to isolate and characterize circulating tumor cells will be employed in patients to determine if metastasis-initiating prostate cancer cells circulate in man.

What this means for patients: Understanding the biology of metastasis-initiating cells could inform new targets for slowing/inhibiting the lethal metastatic process. In addition, measurement of metastasis-initiating cells in the setting of active surveillance for primary prostate cancer could better stratify patients who may benefit from early and aggressive clinical intervention.


2013 Steve Wynn-PCF Young Investigator

Chia-Yi Chu, PhD

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


Leland Chung, PhD

Project Title

Metastasis-initiating cells (MICs) as predictors of lethal progression of human prostate cancer